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If your homes air conditioner or furnace is not cooling or heating as expected, or you feel you need a better cooling solution installed, contact Stacks Heating & Air Conditioning and schedule an appointment today.

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Cut costs on your monthly energy bill with repair and maintenance services from Stacks Heating & Air Conditioning.

Not only do Stacks Heating and Air Conditioning Services help save you money, but also you’ll be reducing the amount of energy your home consumes. We also increase the life expectancy of your system and helps prevent having costly major Ac Repairs or replacements.

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Is it time to replace your old Air Conditioning and Heating System with an upgraded energy efficient HVAC system?

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When your Air Conditioner is properly matched with a Furnace or Air Handler, you get maximum efficiency and longer system life because your system is operating economically for you. Air Conditioning and Cooling Efficiency is measured using a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). When shopping, remember that a higher SEER rating means higher energy efficiency. In addition, variable speed blower motor equipment allows for extremely quiet operation as well as dehumidification capability. These elements are important to keep in mind when researching your new HVAC system. Stacks Heating & Air Conditioning will help you evaluate your choices. Our technicians take care of all of these details for you and will recommend the right options at the right price to meet your Heating & Air Conditioning needs.